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Newsletter Article Index

Clock Collecting    
700 Years of German Horology - A Personal Tour Gary, S. January 2020
Eberhard Baldewein Gary, S. September 2019
Collecting and Displaying Tower Clocks Bloore & Jenson September 2019
Unusual Vienna Regulator Tall Case Clock McWilliams, K. May 2017
Introduction to Clock Collecting Perez, D. November 2015
The Atmos Clock Gaglini, G. July 2015
David Rittenhouse Tall Case Clock McWilliams, K. May 2015
A Rolls Royce Clock Geitner, F. March 2015
The Interval Clock Gale, M. July 2014
Desktop Dial Clocks Kuns, N. May 2014
A Look Inside the National Clock and Watch Museum Poirier, N. March 2014
How Old Is It? Who Made It? Geitner, F. October 2012
The First Clocks That I Made Weiss, D. September 2012
A Reading of a French Figural Clock Perissinotto, G. June 2012
The Cuckoo McWilliams, K. April 2012
Dear Cousin McWilliams, K. October 2011
Clocks, Pain or Pleasure Sheffrey, K. October 2011
My First Clock Napolitano, R. September 2011
An English Tall Case Clock Skeels, P. August 2011
Barn Find - ENEM Master Clock Jenson, E. July 2011
Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Art Moderne Perissinotto, G. July 2011
Collecting Timepieces in Europe Perissinotto, G. April 2011
The Tale of the Resurrected Car Clock Bonnet, H. February 2011
Lenzkirch Clock Book Review McWilliams, K. October 2010
A Feast for the Eyes Geitner, F. March 2010
How to Wind a Grandfather Clock Gale, M. January 2010
The Flying Ball Pendulum Clock McWilliams, K. December 2009
Morbier Pin Wheel Escapement McWilliams, K. October 2009
A Pillar and Scroll Clock Weiss, D. October 2009
Resurrection of a French Fountain Clock Weiss, D. September 2009
A Little Clock History McWilliams, K. July 2009
My Latest Mart Find McWilliams, K. June 2009
Modular Longcase Clocks Geitner, F. April 2009
A Dutch Staartklok Robinson, B. March 2009
Is it a Clock or a Pocket Watch Geitner, F. September 2008
An Austrian Table Clock Robinson, B. July 2008
Adventures in Cuckoo Land Skeels, P. June 2008
Congreve Clock Geitner, F. October 2007
Boardman-Hubble Calendar Clock McWilliams, K. September 2007
Waterbury Movement Geitner, F. August 2007
Shatz 400 Day Clock McWilliams, K. August 2007
What is a Regulator McWilliams, K. March 2007
Mid 19th Century Elisha Manross Spring Driven Clock Robinson, B March 2007
Pocket Watch Collecting    
Patents in Your Pants Treiman, J. January 2020
A Look Behind the Private Label - Part 5 - Tiffany & Co. Coatsworth, D. September 2017
A Look Behind the Private Label - Part 4 - Bartlett Brothers Coatsworth, D. January 2017
A Look Behind the Private Label - Part 3 - The Jaccard Family Coatsworth, D. November 2016
A Look Behind the Private Label - Part 2 Coatsworth, D. May 2016
The Fifth Pocket Ferkel, T. March 2016
A Look Behind the Private Label - Part 1 Coatsworth, D. January 2016
The Elgin National Watch Company Coatsworth, D. September 2015
The Diamond Palace Coatsworth, D. July 2014
A Little History Geitner, F. August 2012
Pocket Watch Anti-Theft Devices Coatsworth, D. May 2012
A Fake Elgin G. M. Wheeler Coatsworth, D. January 2012
The World's Most Famous Timepiece Bonnet, H. April 2011
A Vanguard Pocket Watch Skeels, P. April 2010
A Chronograph Geitner, F. September 2009
C. W. Groneman's Unique Pigeon Timer Coatsworth, D. June 2009
A Nice Bejeweled Watch Geitner, F. May 2009
J. W. Coatsworth & Co. Watch Auction Find Coatsworth, D. November 2008
A New York Standard Pocket Watch Skeels, P. March 2008
History of American Pocket Watches Program Review Barcroft, J. October 2007
Beware the Frankenwatch Coatsworth, D. July 2007
Mom's Great Grandmother's Pocket Watch Skeels, P. April 2007
How I Caught the Pocket Watch Bug Skeels, P. January 2007
Wrist Watch Collecting    
The Tourbillon McWilliams, K. September 2016
The Boy Who Built an Empire Bonnet, H. June 2012
Wristwatches of Distinction Bonnet, H. May 2012
The Breitling Story Bonnet, H. April 2012
The Movado Story Bonnet, H. February 2012
The Ultimate Wrist Watch Bonnet, H. November 2011
Time's Other Dimension Bonnet, H. October 2011
A Trip to the Moon Bonnet, H. September 2011
Top of the Line Bonnet, H. August 2011
Maintaining Your Wristwatch Bonnet, H. July 2011
Thank Goodness for Unique Timepieces Bonnet, H. March 2001
The Watch that Saved Switzerland Bonnet, H. May 2011
Those Wonderful Hand Wound Wristwatches Bonnet, H. January 2011
The Good Old Days of the Chronometer Bonnet, H. November 2010
The Age of the Quartz Wristwatch (Part 1) Bonnet, H. August 2010
The Age of the Quartz Wristwatch (Part 2) Bonnet, H. September 2010
The Golden Age of Wristwatches (Ladies Wristwatches) Bonnet, H. June 2010
Everyman's Wristwatch (Part 3 - Battery Powered Wristwatches) Bonnet, H. May 2010
Everyman's Wristwatch (Part 2 - Round Shaped Watches) Bonnet, H. April 2010
Everyman's Wristwatch (Part 1 - Square Shaped Watches) Bonnet, H. March 2010
Masterpieces of Yesterday Bonnet, H. February 2010
The Watch of the Future Bonnet, H. January 2010
Bargain Price for a LIP Watch Bonnet, H. September 2009
The Price of Quality Bonnet, H. July 2009
The Wonder Days of the Accutron Bonnet, H. May 2009
Love Your Wristwatches Bonnet, H. April 2009
The Fascinating World of Alarm Wristwatches Bonnet, H. February 2009
Vintage Seiko Quality Wristwatches Bonnet, H. January 2009
Collecting the 'non-collectibles' Bonnet, H. November 2008
The Vanishing Swiss Watch Bonnet, H. October 2008
My Long Journey Into Amateur Watchmaking and Collecting Bonnet, H. September 2008
Tale of a Different Watch Winder Bonnet, H. August 2008
Watch Winder for the Avid Collector Bonnet, H. July 2008
Buying a New Wristwatch (Part 2) Bonnet, H. April 2008
Buying a New Wristwatch (Part 1) Bonnet, H. March 2008
The Coaxial Escapement Bonnet, H. February 2008
The Tourbillon Paradox Bonnet, H. November 2007
Timepieces of Quality Bonnet, H. October 2007
Clock Repair    
Clock Bushings Sprong, D. September 2017
A Crazy Escapement Geitner, F. July 2017
Shortening Screws Sprong, D. July 2017
Sometimes We Must be Creative Gale, M. May 2017
Repairs? Geitner, F. May 2017
A Math Problem (Pendulums) Geitner, F. January 2017
An Easier Way to Replace Wheel Teeth Gale, M. January 2017
A Timekeeper Geitner, F. November 2016
To Bush or not to Bush, that is the Question Geitner, F. September 2016
Determining the Age of Mainsprings Gale, M. July 2016
Beat Conversion Geitner, F. March 2016
A Slight Oversight Geitner, F. January 2016
The Weakest Link Geitner, F. November 2015
Moment of Inertia and Torque Perez, D. September 2015
The Too Fast Melody Geitner, F. September 2015
Measuring the "Speed of Time" Geitner, F. July 2015
Going Dutch Geitner, F. January 2015
My Clock Doesn't Chime Continuously after Service Geitner, F. July 2014
Loose Swinger Geitner, F. May 2014
An Interesting Desk Clock Geitner, F. March 2014
The Walace and Tiernan Clock Geitner, F. January 2014
Clock Rate Versus Humidity Gale, M. January 2014
Touching the Untouchable Gale, M. September 2013
Ingenuity, The Clockmaker's Best Tool McWilliams, K. July 2013
Clock Repair Books Review McWilliams, K. May 2013
Some 'Striking' Examples Geitner, F. March 2013
Rebuilding a Half Deadbeat Escapement Gale, M. March 2013
Restoring an Adamantine Finish (Part 2) Gale, M. January 2013
Restoring an Adamantine Finish (Part 1) Gale, M. October 2012
Clock Shop Storage Skeels, P. August 2012
The "Fixed" Clocks Geitner, F. July 2012
Replacing Platform Escapements Geitner, F. June 2012
Wood Gear Repair Geitner, F. April 2012
My Routine Job Geitner, F. March 2012
How to Make Something Look Old Gale, M. February 2012
The Poop Clock Geitner, F. June 2011
Intentional Friction Geitner, F. May 2011
The Right Color Geitner, F. March 2011
Wooden Clock Geitner, F. February 2011
Family Matters Geitner, F. November 2010
Some Surprises Can Be Good Geitner, F. August 2010
A Curiosity Geitner, F. May 2010
Could You Clean Up the Case a "Little" Geitner, F. April 2010
New Items in the Clock Repair Market McWilliams, K. April 2010
New Tool Makes and Old Tool Better McWilliams, K. March 2010
Cleaning a Wood Movement Geitner, F. February 2010
Broken in the Middle Geitner, F. November 2009
The New Challenges of Clock Repair McWilliams, K. November 2009
Hidden Traps Geitner, F. October 2009
In Praise of New and Old Gale, M. September 2009
Hubble Space Clock? Geitner, F. August 2009
Jaguar Dasch Clock Repair Geitner, F. April 2009
A Question of Power Geitner, F. March 2009
An Engaging Question Geitner, F. January 2009
Does Your Clock Need a Dentist? Geitner, F. November 2008
French Writing Desk Clock Geitner, F. October 2008
An Interesting Repair Challenge McWilliams, K. September 2008
Unusual Striking/Chiming Clocks Geitner, F. July 2008
Pendulum Clock? Geitner, F. June 2008
Tumbling Your Clock Movements Marsolek, R. May 2008
Mystery Clock Geitner, F. April 2008
German Clock Movements Geitner, F. February 2008
Grasshopper Escapement Geitner, F. January 2008
French Statue Clock Geitner, F. September 2007
How I Got Interested in Clock Repair Girod, G. August 2007
Watch Repair    
Balance Staff Shock Assembly Geitner, F. September 2017
Replacing Hunting Case Springs Coatsworth, D. July 2017
What's in a Name? Geitner, F. May 2016
My Waterproof Watch Geitner, F. November 2014
Replacement Screws for an Expensive Bracelet Geitner, F. November 2013
A Simple Job Geitner, F. September 2013
Spare Parts, Anyone? Geitner, F. July 2013
The "Norm" Geitner, F. September 2012
Why a Maltese Stop Can Make a Watch/Clock Run Better Geitner, F. August 2012
An Electrifying Problem Geitner, F. February 2012
Taming the Tough Ones Geitner, F. November 2011
What's the Best? Geitner, F. October 2011
A 'Mystery' Clock/Watch Geitner, F. September 2011
Roskopf anyone? Geitner, F. August 2011
Size Does Matter Geitner, F. April 2011
A Seven Day Tale Geitner, F. January 2011
Hidden Treasures Geitner, F. October 2010
Jaeger LeColtre Wristwatch Repair Geitner, F. July 2010
Normal Regulation on a Bulova Ladies' Watch Geitner, F. January 2010
A Handy Tool for the Amateur Watchmaker Bonnet, H. March 2009
Making a Barrel Arbor Cup Coatsworth, D. October 2008
Normal Regulation on a Bulova Watch Geitner, F. May 2008
Removing Etch Marks from Glass Crystals Coatsworth, D. August 2007
Homemade Watch Parts Cleaner Bonnet, H. July 2007
Cleaning Enamel Watch Dials Coatsworth, D. June 2007
The Digital Camera as a Repair Tool Coatsworth, D. June 2007
Lessons from the Trenches Skeels, P. June 2007
Silver Cased Repeater Geitner, F. April, 2007
Rolex Automatic Geitner, F. February 2007
General Interest    
Welcome New Executive Director Gary, R. September 2017
Arlington National Report Gary, R. July 2017
Flower Clock McWilliams, K. July 2016
The Tower Clock of Venice... Italy Perissinotto, G. May 2016
My Training at West Dean College Gale, M. March 2016
Time and Language or Language and Time Perissinotto, G. January 2016
Telling Time at the California Missions Perissinotto, G. July 2015
Horology Trivia: Unusual Clocks Perissinotto, G. March 2015
Debbie Does England Gale, D. January 2015
Horology Trivia: Water Clocks and More Perissinotto, G. January 2015
Horology Trivia: Sundials for Beginners Perissinotto, G. November 2014
Horology Trivia: More on Calendars Perissinotto, G. July 2014
Horology Trivia: The Names of the Months Perissinotto, G. May 2014
Horology Trivia: Days, Weeks, Months Perissinotto, G. March 2014
Horology Trivia: Ship's Bell and Ship's Clocks Perissinotto, G. January 2014
Horology Trivia: What's in a Word Perissinotto, G. November 2013
Horology Trivia: Measuring Time Perissinotto, G. September 2013
The Story of "My Grandfather's Clock" McWilliams, K. July 2013
A Day in the Life of an Horologist Geitner, F. May 2013
A Great Combination - Horology and France Gale, M. May 2013
Rubel's Castle Tower Clock McWilliams, K. April 2013
People's History Geitner, F. January 2013
The West Coast's Best Kept Secret Gale, M. November 2012
2012 Time Symposium Report Gale, M. October 2012
Saving the Eiffel Tower Bonnet, H. March 2012
George Daniels, a Rare Visionary Bonnet, H. January 2012
Times Remembered McWilliams, K. September 2011
Leap Seconds Sachs, C. August 2011
The Gift of a Lifetime Bonnet, H. June 2011
Clockmaker Proved That, with Time, Anything is Possible Kelley, B. June 2011
2010 Ward Francillon Time Symposium Gale, M. November 2010
It's Never too Early to Learn Coatsworth, D. October 2010
Man and His Time Bonnet, H. October 2010
400 Day Clock Book Review McWilliams, K. September 2010
Finding and Restoring Longcase Clocks McWilliams, K. September 2010
2010 NAWCC National Conference Coatsworth, D. July 2010
Solvang Antique Center for Sale McWilliams, K. October 2009
Chapter of the Year McWilliams, K. June 2009
Chapter 190's Tax Exempt Status Skeels, P. June 2009
Ventura and Santa Barbara Public Clocks McWilliams, K. August 2008
Re-imagining Clocks Program Review Barcroft, J. February 2008
It's Never too Late McWilliams, K. January 2008
The Vanishing Watchmaker Bonnet, H. January 2008
Eary Explorers and Settlers Timekeeping McWilliams, K. April 2007
The Inagural Meeting of Chapter 190 McWilliams, K. February 2007
The French Republic Calendar McWilliams, K. February 2007
The Information Highway (Useful Websites) McWilliams, K. January 2007
Public Clocks in Ventura County Gary, R. December 2006
Chapter 190 - It's Official McWilliams, K. December 2006
Assembly Instructions for Your Chapter McWilliams, K. December 2006
Are There Any Horology Frontiers Left? McWilliams, K. December 2006
Chapter Projects    
Governor's Historic Preservation Award Perez, D. January 2016
Santa Barbara Tower Clock Breakdown and Repair Jenson, E. November 2015
Animation of the Santa Barbara Courthouse Clock Gale, M. September 2012
Keeping Time on the Santa Barbara Courthouse Clock Mumford, B. July 2012
Camarillo Ranch House Clock Jenson, E. May 2012
The Bells Ring at the Santa Barbara Courthouse Gale, M. May 2012
The Search for the Ventura Courthouse Clock and Bell Schmidt, M. March 2012
Santa Paula Clock Tower Progress Report Skeels, P. January 2012
The Time Train of the Santa Barbara Tower Clock Gale, M. November 2011
Markings of the Santa Barbara Tower Clock Gale, M. July 2011
Santa Barbara Tower Clock Murals Gale, M. May 2011
Santa Barbara Tower Clock and the Japanese Earthquake Mumford, B. April 2011
Santa Barbara Tower Clock Skies Gale, M. March 2011
Santa Barbara Tower Clock Bells Gale, M. February 2011
Santa Barbara Tower Clock Comes Back to Life Gale, M. January 2011
SB Tower Clock Preservation, Conservation, Restoration, Repair Gale, M. October 2010
Santa Barbara Tower Clock Time Train Restoration Update Antiorelli, Jenson September 2010
Santa Barbara Tower Clock Restoration Update Jenson, E. August 2010
Santa Barbara Tower Clock Restoration Gale, M. July 2010
Santa Barbara Tower Clock Introduction McWilliams, K. May 2010
Santa Barbara Tower Clock Chapter 190 Participation   May 2010
Santa Barbara Tower Clock - It Never Hurts to Ask Gale, M. August 2009
The John Barr Clock Project McWilliams, K. January 2009
Knott's Berry Farm Clock McWilliams, K. March 2008
A Trip to Santa Paula McWilliams, K. October 2007
Santa Paula Tower Clock McWilliams, K. April 2007
Antiorelli, George September 2007  
Armstrong, Ed February 2010  
Ashby, Jess November 2016  
Barcroft, Jeanette September 2008  
Beard, Tom November 2010  
Berney, John April 2008  
Bisno, Dr. David March 2011  
Bonnet, Henri February 2008  
Callaway, Wayne May 2008  
Camhi, Irving September 2019  
Chamberlain, Jim April 2010  
Clarkin, Dave March 2009  
Coatsworth, Dave April 2007  
Conti, Laurie June 2008  
Corriden, Gene and Jan October 2011  
Davis, Alan October 2008  
Davis, Charlie January 2009  
Ferkel, Tom November 2013  
Fitzgerald, Pat May 2016  
Frank, Bill November 2008  
Friou, Dutch and Dot May 2007  
Gaglini, George & Donna January 2007  
Gale, Mostyn October 2007  
Gary, Robert February 2007  
Gary, Sue March 2016  
Geitner, Ferdinand December 2006  
Gillogy, Cathy & Gilbert October 2009  
Gilmore, Jim March 2011  
Girod, Gary August 2012  
Griswold, Sylvia & Chuck July 2007  
Harmeling, Mark November 2015  
Henderson, Dick August 2007  
Hogan, Bill July 2014  
Ingersoll, Jim February 2010  
Jensen, Mel July 2016  
Jenson, Ernie August 2008  
Kubitsky, Ron September 2011  
Kuns, Neil November 2012  
Maricich, Ron March 2015  
Marks, Stephen May 2014  
Marsolek, Ray February 2009  
McKinnon, Dan June 2011  
McClelland, Bob May 2011  
McKnett, Tom May 2012  
Miller, Loren July 2008  
Montoya, Jorge May 2017  
Napolitano, Ralph January 2012  
Norwood, Virginia March 2013  
Palladino, Julie and Ron September 2015  
Perez, David November 2011  
Perez, Marco April 2012  
Perissinotto, Giorgio June 2010  
Pickett, Walter January 2016  
Racette, Peter January 2014  
Roan, Bob January 2008  
Robinson, Bill November 2007  
Robinson, Bill December 2006  
Rooker, Lex August 2009  
Rubright, David May 2010  
Sachs, Crawford & Rowena September 2010  
Salahuddin, Zaki June 2007  
Schaetzel, Camille January 2020  
Schmidt, Mike & Beverly February 2011  
Sheffrey, Kathi June 2009  
Skeels, Paul December 2006  
Slobodian, Jeff September 2012  
Smith, Larry & Geri August 2010  
Spiess, Shannon January 2017  
Sturgeon, Jim November 2014  
Swift, John July 2017  
Triffet, Kurt January 2013  
Webb, Glen March 2008  
Weiss, Daniel June 2008  
Weiss, Daniel (100th Birthday Issue) December 2015  
Young, Ken March 2010  

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