National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors Sites

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors - This is the NAWCC site. Includes a message board, gift shop, membership and chapter information.

NAWCC Early American Pocket Watch Chapter - NAWCC Chapter 149 special interest chapter on Early American Pocket Watches

NAWCC Industrial Time Recorder Chapter - NAWCC Chapter 175 special interest chapter on Industrial Time Recorders

NAWCC Howard Banta Alarm Clock Chapter - NAWCC Chapter 178 special interest Howard Banta Alarm Clock Chapter

NAWCC Bulletin Index Search - Online search facility for the NAWCC Bulletin.


General Horology Sites

The British Horological Institute - The British Horological Institute site containing a lot of good technical information on clocks and watches. The best part of this site may be the extensive 'Workshop Hints and Tips' page.

Abbey Clock Clinic - Mark Headrick's Horology Site containing a vast amount of technical information on watches and clocks. Don't miss the animated escapement images!

Clock-Watch - A technical site covering both clocks and watches. Many excellent animations showing different aspects of clock and watch operation. Also, an extensive listing of horological trademarks.

English Silver Hallmarks 1736-1975 - A comprehensive listing of English silver hallmarks. Invaluable for dating English silver pocket watch cases.

West Coast Clock and Watch Museum - Located in the Whatcom Museum of History and Art in Bellingham, Washington


Clock Information Sites

Notes from the Bench - An online clock repair technical journal

Mike's Clock Clinic - Mike Murray's site dedicated to Atmos and Anniversary clocks

Antique Clock Identification and Price Guide - An excellent source for identifying and valuing clocks. Most resources on this site are free, but viewing prices requires a membership fee.

400-Day (Anniversary) Clocks - John Connolly's 400-Day clock site. A good site for identifying 400-Day clocks.

Jefferson Electric Clock - Troubleshooting and repairing Jefferson Golden Hour, Golden Helm, Golden Minute and Golden View clocks.


Watch Information Sites

The Elgin Watch Collector's Site - A very comprehensive site on Elgin watches. Provides serial number lookup on specific Elgin watches. Extensive collections of Elgin technical and advertising information.

NAWCC Waltham Serial Number Lookup - An NAWCC site that allows you to obtain information on any Waltham watch by entering the serial number.

Hamilton, Hampden, Rockford, South Bend Lookups - Database of known watch grades for Hamilton, Hampden, Rockford and South Bend watches compiled by Henry Burgell.

Columbus Lookup - Database of known Columbus watches compiled by Sam Kirk.

American Watch Company Web - Tom McIntyre's website containing extensive information on Waltham and other pocket watches.

Hamilton Horology - Hamilton serial number information, manuals, catalogs, advertising pieces and other Hamilton factory information.


Sources for Clock Parts

Timesavers - Extensive inventory of new clock parts and tools.

Merritt's Antique Store - Another good source for clock parts and tools.